Glasses Trends: How to Pull off Clear Glasses Frames


Clear glasses frames have been around for many years, but they have just recently gained in popularity. Being colorless or having only very slight tints, they are almost invisible from afar. While many of us choose bold frames in darker colors like black, brown or grey, we are missing out on this funky style. Glasses with clear frames can, in fact, be very cool and trendy and go well with almost any kind of complexion and outfit.


Style Tips

Here are some tips on how to pull off clear glasses frames:

1.  Choose the correct shape: Choosing the correct frame shape is important for every kind of glasses. The ideal frame shape is the opposite of the shape of your face. For example, a square, rectangular or angular frame goes well with a round face, and a circular or oval frame is perfect for a square face. If you have an oval face, you are in luck – the oval shape is considered to be one of the easiest to find glasses for because most frames will look great.There are many different face shapes; find which one is yours and buy the correct frame.

2.  Wear with clothes of lighter shade: Clothes in dark shades will draw all the attention away from your glasses and make them look invisible. Therefore, wear them with clothes of lighter shades. A light-colored outfit will bring attention to your face and your funky new clear glasses.

3. Wear very light makeup: Heavy makeup and clear glasses frames are a no-go. When you choose to wear your clear glasses, apply lighter makeup to keep the focus on your frames.

4. Choose a large frame: Large frames are back in style and they look especially great with clear glasses. They become more visible and do not hide most of your face as much as large glasses with dark frames. Large frames are also one of the best styles for any type of face shape.

5. Wear them in indoors: Clear glasses frames are not meant to be worn as sunglasses. The frame reflects sunlight and the clear lenses expose your eyes to direct sunlight. Indoor events, on the other hand, are perfect for wearing glasses with clear frames.

Editor’s Picks

The round style


The cat eye style


The wingtip style


If you wear clear frame glasses correctly, there is no reason why you can’t pull off this hot trend. Clear plastic frames are light, modern, and a great way to make a bold glasses fashion statement.


  • Reply January 1, 2017

    Dienna Howard

    I have to respectfully disagree with some of the bullets in the list. I feel that clear glasses would go great with a black outfit and red lipstick, and I also feel that as long as someone is wearing a clear frame with lenses that reduce glare and have UV protection, then they should be fine to wear in outdoor daylight.

    It’s about finding that happy middle ground that fits one’s personality and one’s style.

    • Reply January 30, 2017

      Sarah Arboleda

      Hi Dienna,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. The beautiful thing about style is always its capacity for individual expression.

  • Reply December 9, 2017


    Thank you for this. I will soon be getting glasses with clear frames. I chose them because, I wanted to try something new. I hope what Dienna Howard is saying is true. My glasses are prescription and I have to wear them outside pretty much all the time.

  • Reply February 11, 2018

    Amy Coz

    Wow!! Amazing fresh glasses. I like very much the glasses with clear frames. Love it. It is comfortable for eyes.

    • Reply March 5, 2018

      Sarah Arboleda

      Thanks, Amy! We’re glad you like them.

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