Find Your Perfect Fit | Frame Swap


Style-for-all has been the prevailing trend this year. From slim-cut jeans to bomber jackets, these versatile pieces offer a totally cool aesthetic, whether it’s on you, or your significant other.

Eyewear is at the heart of this trend, with strong lines and sweeping shapes that create wearable, flattering frames for any face. Using our MyFit tool, we decided to swap our favorite pairs of glasses to show you just how easy it is to pull off any eyewear style.

Brad and I quickly realized that we had nearly identical MyFit settings, which made switching frames that much more fun.

Meet the Team


Brad | Email Marketing Specialist

MyFit Setting: Lens width: 54 | Bridge Width: 16 | Arm length: 140

Face Shape: Oval

Marissa | Copywriting Intern

MyFit Setting: Lens width: 52 | Bridge Width: 15 | Arm length: 140

Face Shape: Oval

Frame 1 | Round and Colorful

product image of Derek Cardigan Vincent Black

Derek Cardigan Vincent

Measurements: Lens width: 42 | Bridge width: 22 | Arm length: 140

On Brad:

The rounded shape of the frame adds balance to Brad’s angular features, while its adjustable nose pads ensure a snug fit against his slender nose.


On Marissa:

The slightly wider shape of this retro style works well to add balance to my tapered jaw line, while the rounded shape softens my angular features.


Frame 2 | Angular and Subtle

product image of Joseph Marc 4102 Burnt Amber

Joseph Marc 4102

Measurements: Lens width: 49 | Bridge width: 19 | Arm length: 145

On Brad:

The transparent design of this bold style adds just the right amount of contrast, without overwhelming Brad’s angular features.


On Marissa:

This cool design tapers slightly to complement my slim jaw line, while the bold design works well to add balance to my narrow forehead.


Tip for the Perfect Fit

If you have angular features and want to try an angular frame, opt for a design in a subtle hue that won’t overwhelm your features.

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