Fall Glasses Trends: Three Looks | Blackest Black

Classic black is a trend we know will never go out of style. The fall season is the segue way to re-incorporate more black clothing and accessories into your wardrobe to go with your warm fall colors.


Tods 5068 001 Black

The subtle Retro-Wingtip shape of these Tod 5068 001 Black glasses make them sleek yet super comfortable. We’ve paired them with gray jeans, a navy bomber jacket and crew neck for a relaxed look. We’ve added camo printed sneaks and an olive green scarf for those pops of fall color that complement gray and black so well.


Hickey Freeman Tustin Black

These Hickey Freeman Tustin Black glasses are ideal for a formal outfit due to their vintage vibe. We’ve paired black dress shoes, a navy blue cardigan, slim fit trousers and a white dress shirt. We’ve completed the look with a black leather belt and matching briefcase.


Derek Cardigan 7026 Black

We’ve paired our bold Derek Cardigan 7026 Black glasses with a more laid back look to complement the retro geek chic vibe that the frames have to offer. Green trousers, a black vest and patterned sweater paired with high top sneakers and a sleek watch come together for a trendy fall look.


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