Dogs in Glasses | Derek Cardigan’s Retro Bold Style

We were excited to be joined by some of our favorite fashion stars for an exclusive new fashion shoot for Derek Cardigan.

Derek Cardigan glasses are known for their retro-inspired bold design that features unique math symbol details, with colors and patterns that bring a modern design approach to every frame.

Meet the Dogs in Glasses

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0020

Name: Sakura

Breed: Shiba Inu

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7008 Birch

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0051

Name: Yamato

Breed: Dachshund & Chihuahua

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7011 Brown Tortoiseshell

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0075

Name: Toby

Breed: Rat Terrier

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Ice

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0123

Name: Tofu

Breed: Pomeranian

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7017 Shadow

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0161

Name: Blue

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7037 Olive

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0215

Name: Zia

Breed: Mini Aussie

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7036 Light Brown Horn

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0244

Name: Chips

Breed: French Bulldog

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7004 Fog

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0295

Name: Chloe

Breed: French Bulldog

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7005 Brown Tortoiseshell

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0329

Name: Pretzel

Breed: Brindle Pug

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7001 Black

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-0425

Name: Romeo

Breed: Pomeranian

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7038 Brown

Dogs in Derek Cardigans-9986

Name: Peach

Breed: West Highland White Terrier

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7039 Lavender Brown

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