Derek Cardigan Glasses: The Classic Gent

It’s getting chilly out there and we want you to show up to work comfortable and classy, so preferably not in a sweatshirt! This week we feature a menswear look with a pair of Derek Cardigan glasses in dark timber. The thick rim and dark havana print gives the overall look a fashionable and intelligent vibe.

The Clothes

A fitted blazer in fall/winter fabrics like this one in a dark blue/gray is great for layering with turtlenecks. For an entirely different look all you need to do is switch up the turtleneck or inner sweater color – durable and practical addition to your closet. We chose a white and black stripe turtleneck for good contrast against the darker colors in the outfit and a pair of loose fitting trousers so you can look good while staying comfortable.

The Accessories

Commuting to work everyday means you need your accessories to be durable – or look great even when they are worn. We chose leather pieces that do just that. We chose a pair of slim leather shoes with strap details from Zara and a chocolate leather Brooks Brothers messenger bag to accent the look. Also, there’s nothing like a good watch to pull a look together, and we like this one from Blancpain with its simple design and subtle rose gold.

The brown leather accessories we chose for the look compliment this pair of dark timber Derek Cardigan glasses. The thick rim highlights the masculinity of the outfit and the havana print gives it a fashion edge.


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