Cat Eye Makeup for Glasses

If glasses are an everyday accessory to your wardrobe, learn how to master cat eye makeup that will enhance the beauty behind your lenses. Glasses are the first thing people notice, so be sure your eyes are ready for the attention.

Cat eye makeup can do amazing things to your eyes as well as your face. It creates a striking look by simply extending your natural lash line upwards which brings an automatic lift to your face.

Learn how to apply cat eye makeup for glasses by watching the video above.

After you’ve skilled yourself with applying cat eye makeup, be sure your look is enhanced with the right style of eyeglasses. Mirror the upward sloping lines of cat eye makeup with a pair of cat eye eyeglasses.

Strong & Bold

Try tortoiseshell or black cat eye eyeglasses if strong and bold is what you’re going for.

Flirty & Lighthearted

If flirty and lighthearted is your theme of the day, translucent cat eye eyeglasses are the perfect accessory to complete your look.

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