Bookworm Glasses Style


Fantasy, action, mystery, romance… whatever your literary poison may be, it can influence your bookworm style more than you may realize.

If you’re a self confessed bookworm like Mackenzie Hamilton, model for our Real Style, Real Value photo shoot, then it may be fun to take a step back and digest what your bookworm style is saying about you.

Remember, it’s not just the genre that can influence your bookworm glasses style, also think about your favored reading location. Do you enjoy being surrounded by nature in the park? Or maybe sipping on an americano at your local coffee house? And then there’s always the comfort of reading at home in your favorite chair.

If you need a little help when it comes to your bookworm style, first think about where your favorite reading spot is, then design a style to match, and finally accessorize with the perfect pair of glasses. Follow these steps and you’ll be outfitted with the perfect bookworm glasses style in one flip of a page.

If your dream reading spot is in a park surrounded by nature, accessorize your bookworm style with glasses that not only enhance your outfit, but fit in with the scenery as well.

The smell of the coffee, the sound of the subdued chatter, the feeling of utter relaxation. If the local coffee house is your go to reading location, try accessorizing with full bodied bookworm glasses in rich colors that will make people notice.

If home sweet home is your reading location of choice, accessorize your bookworm style with glasses that have a relaxed style to them with clean lines and comfortable features like nose pads.

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