Best Hairstyles for Men with Glasses


Today’s men are often looking to make a fashion statement through different types of hairstyles and trendy glasses. You may have wondered which hairstyles will suit you best as a glasses-wearer. Your perfect hairstyle will depend on what type of glasses you wear, and your own personal style.

If you don’t know what hairdo you should try out next, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of some of the best hairstyles for men with glasses.

You wear small glasses frames

Smaller frames are one of the most popular styles in men’s glasses, especially for reading glasses. But are you wearing the right haircut? Avoid making your face look boxed-in by choosing a short cut over a longer, chin-length cut that will make your face appear smaller.

You wear wide or thick frames

Since your wide glasses frames already draw attention to the sides of your face, try to avoid hairstyles that add a lot of volume on the sides where your frames end. Hairstyles with some height and texture on top will complement your wide frames nicely. You may also want to try short hairstyles with strong lines to keep the focus on your face.

You Wear Retro-Style Frames

Play up the vintage vibe with side-parted hair, a fun 80s style haircut or a James Dean ‘do, depending on which decade your style of glasses is from.

You Wear Oversized Frames

Short and fun hairstyles are the perfect complement to an oversized glasses frame. In this case, it’s all about having the right proportions. Go too short, and your glasses will overpower your face. Too long or voluminous, and you will get lost in your hair and frames. Find the right balance for you!

You wear funky, statement-making glasses

A super-short haircut keeps the focus on your face and glasses. If you love your funky glasses frames, keep all eyes on them with a razor-short haircut.

The combination of your hairstyle and glasses define the way you look. Therefore, you should choose the right hairstyle for your frames. The best hairstyles for men with glasses are ones that work in harmony with their glasses style.


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