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Bangs are having a major moment, and their return offers an easy opportunity to quickly update your look. The type of bang that you choose adds dimension to a look and can allow you to become a mix master of eyewear style to suit the angle of the cut.

Uncomplicated Nonchalance

bangs-glasses-french-styleThere are few style icons more influential than those associated with the French chanteuse, and adopted British Parisiennes of the 1960’s, an elite group that  includes Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy, and Anna Karina. Alexa Chung, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Caroline de Maigret now exemplify the transfixing tousled, fringed look with aplomb.

Vintage-inspired shapes, such as a round glasses frame and classic Retro-Wingtip are the ideal finishing touch to this scene-stealing look.


The New Breed

bangs-glasses-bob-A sharp blunt bang complimented by a sleek bob, made famous by Louise Brooks, and later popularized once again by Linda Evangelista, has a distinctive 1920’s vibe. Modern interpretations have been sported by Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Rihanna and Carey Mulligan.

Due to the angular style of this look, complement your bold bangs with soft colors and shapes.


Baby, Baby

baby-bangs-glasses-styleFew haircuts have made more of an impact than the baby bangs sported by Bettie Page, that led to the ever popular rockabilly style movement, and Audrey Hepburn – the ultimate style icon. Baby bangs have been interpreted through the generations, from Irene Cara to Grimes, and Audrey Tautou in Amélie. The chameleonic Beyoncé recently sported the much debated style, a look that takes great confidence to pull off, but with the right accessorizing is sure to make a compelling statement.

Depending on the statement that you are looking to invoke, go bold with a pair of angular Cat Eye glasses or take a more subtle approach with an upswept butterfly.





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