Alyssa Milano Glasses | Project Runway Contest #6


With Project Runway All Stars airing on Thursday evenings, we’ve been asking our Facebook fans every Friday to vote on which Touch by Alyssa Milano frame they think would best accessorize the previous night’s winning look. Plus, with Alyssa Milano hosting the show for the first time we thought it would be a fun way to showcase her line of #TOUCHEYEWEAR which is available exclusively from

This past week the designers were tasked with creating a ready-to-wear look for Michelle Smith’s line Milly. Seth Aaron’s graphic print dress was the winning look, and the frame that received the most votes to be paired with this piece were the Touch by Alyssa Milano 102 Black Pink glasses. With their vibrant pink interior and relaxed cat eye design we think this frame is the prefect finishing touch to any flirty outfit.

Alyssa Milano Glasses | Project Runway Contest #6


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