Alyssa Milano Glasses | Project Runway All Stars Contest


In celebration of Alyssa Milano hosting Season 3 of Project Runway All Stars, we’re running a weekly contest on our Facebook page to win a pair of frames from our exclusive Touch by Alyssa Milano eyewear line. To enter all you need to do is vote for which pair of Touch by Alyssa Milano glasses go best with the most recent winning garment.

This past week the returning designers were challenged to create a cocktail dress inspired by a signature cocktail. The winning garment, designed by Viktor Luna, featured unique cutouts and a striking pattern with hints of blue and grey.

When asked which of the three Touch by Alyssa Milano glasses pictured above went best with this winning garment, our fans felt that option B, the Touch by Alyssa Milano 106 Brown Blue Ombre frame style, was the perfect accessory to enhance this flirty look.

To play along next week, check out our Facebook page on Friday and cast your vote on which pair of #TOUCHEYEWEAR frames go best with the most recent winning look!


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