Alicia Keys: "Brand New Me" in Derek Cardigan

Alicia Keys returns to her powerhouse ballad roots with the premier of “Brand New Me” as she once again asserts her independence and creative spirit.  Rolling Stones calls it a “triumphant turn at reinvention” where Keys, “leaves her post and embarks on a quest for self-discovery around the set, which reaches its apex in front of a handful of mirrors where Keys rips off the wig she’d been given and returns to the piano as herself”.

Alicia Keys has shown herself to be a force to be reckoned with since the debut of “Fallin’” from Songs in A Minor in 2001, and has demonstrated her range with her five studio albums and collaborations with an eclectic group of artists, from Jay-Z and Usher to Bono and Ray Charles.  A style chameleon, she continually adapts her look from her braided hair and retro-style at the beginning of her career to her sleek, streamlined style to match her newest incarnation as a Girl on Fire. Alicia Keys  is equally bold in her glasses selection switching between classic rectangular and round glasses shapes and edgier options that highlight her fearless choices.

In “Brand New Me” Alicia Keys selected Derek Cardigan glasses while she contemplates the direction of the video, ultimately deciding to assert her unique sensibility and regaining her confidence.  Derek Cardigan  7017 Shadow glasses feature math symbol details exclusive to the brand, which have also been featured in Flo Rida’s “I Cry” and Skylar Grey with Eminem’s “C’Mon Let Me Ride“.


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