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As a music and landscape photographer Ryan Russell has done his fair share of backstage jamming and cross-country travelling. Along the way, he has managed to meet a ton of great people and catch some amazing sights which makes him a perfect adventure ambassador. Originally from Birmingham, AL now residing in Bellingham, WA, Ryan has documented his travels in a book called Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham which captures the back roads, ghost towns, national parks and historical sites of America with stunning photos of everything he saw. Below are a few photos from the book on the western leg of his travels.

ryan russell
Ryan is wearing Ray-Ban RB5287 2012 Dark Havana glasses.

What was your favorite part of the trip? On the initial 8-day trip, one of my favorite spots was the Bonneville Salt Flats. I got to experience the rare summer day when it wasn’t blistering sunny. It was incredible seeing storms pass over the mountains in the distance while driving through the flats on I-80.

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Mt Baker, Washington

What do you love most about what you do? On the music side, getting to tour and photograph bands I have loved for years. Knowing that you are an important part of a band’s marketing, especially when it’s a band you have loved for years, gives me endless pride. On the landscape side, I have only become really involved in nature photography in the last 5 years. It gives me something to enjoy that’s the complete opposite of my “day job” photographing bands. I have been very lucky to visit and document some of the coolest places in the country.

Sego, Utah

Thompson Springs, Utah

Why is clear vision important to you? For me it’s everything. I’ve been photographing for 15 years now and you learn pretty quick the most important part of it is noticing the tiny details in every day life. Over the years I noticed my vision blurring out a bit and mistakes showing up in slight ways in my photos. Seeing clearly is crucial when photographing concerts, not only on stage, but also in your surroundings. It’s vital towards staying safe in high energy environments because you need to be aware of everything that’s happening around you.

Mt Shuksan, Utah

Newport, Oregon

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

Where can we find your work? On my website: RyanRussell.net and my Instagram account: @ryanrussell (Here’s a few of our favorite picks.)

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Where are you headed next? Northern California! I have always passed by the area from the redwoods to just north of San Francisco on tour and never been able to actually stop and enjoy it. Plus being a huge Star Wars fan, I can’t wait to drive down and visit the forest where Endor was based.

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