Wedding Style Spectacle

You wear them every single day, so why not on the big day? Wedding season is upon us and whether you’re having a relaxed wedding outdoors or hosting the event of the century, the question still remains: Should I wear my glasses on my wedding day?

To help you decide, we asked our lovely married ladies around the office for a little wedding style inspiration. After all, who better to share wedding advice than those who have experienced it first hand.

So, here are their top picks of aisle-ready looks with a few words to back ‘em up…

Wedding Style #1

“I’m a big fan of how this bride chose to accessorize her wedding dress with her favorite specs and nothing else. I think it was a bold choice but she did it with ease.” – Utako, married 6 years

Wedding Style #2

“I love the natural and ethereal style of this bride. You can sense her ease and comfort with her look and the confidence that she had to wear a statement piece with these frames.” – Shannon, married 11 years

Wedding Style #3

“I like her refined taste. Rimless frames create a soft balance between her shoulders and shorter hair style, as well as keep her looking intelligent and mature.” – Natsuki, married 2.5 years

Wedding Style #4

“It really is a subtle yet unique way to connect even more on one of the most important days of your life. This couple used their glasses to demonstrate that they truly are on the same wavelength!” – Andrea, married 8 years

Wedding Style #5

“Pairing a simple and elegant dress with bold dark frames is a unique bridal style and I love how she looks super comfortable in her own skin.   It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re supposed to do for your wedding and I think that it’s awesome that she wasn’t afraid to be herself.” – Jennie, engaged to be married

Wedding Style #6

“I love the playful and easy-going style this bride conveys. The rich color of her frames contrasts beautifully with her flirty white wedding dress.” – Kam, married 3.5 years

Get the Look: 1. Ray-Ban 5228 5014 Black White Texture 2. Love L766 Pink 3. Silhouette 6570 Shiny Purple Peridot 6053 4. Love L740 Black Passion Fruit 5. Joseph Marc 4079 Brown Tort 6. Kam Dhillon 3017 Black Oyster Main Picture: Ray-Ban 5228 2012 Dark Avana & Love L740 Crystal Shadow

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