New Designs, Colors & Details

Derek-Cardigan-Gold-Collection-2 Derek Cardigan launches a new glasses collection inspired by the richness of the 70’s. Derek Cardigan’s math symbol detailing is updated with a subtle gold hue, and the collection introduces striking deep colors and captivating patterns in handcrafted Italian acetate.

New Patterns & Colors

Deep jewel tones, such as Amethyst, Burgundy and Emerald appear in this collection for the first time with distinct vintage appeal. The haze patterns, including Ocean, Green and Mahogany, provide a dynamism to their shapes. Look also for sleek or matte black and new Havana and tortoise patterns.


Gold Math Symbol Detailing

The Derek Cardigan glasses collection is beloved for its distinct math symbol temple details, and in the Gold Collection this detailing is refreshed in a soft gold metal. Derek-Cardigan-Gold-Collection-math-symbols

Impeccable Design

With new shapes that evoke the best of seventies design, the round, square and cat eye glasses are hand cut from thin sheets of Italian translucent acetate, allowing for experimentation of style more subtly than possible with thicker frames. The rectangle and Retro-Wingtip frames that Derek Cardigan is known for have also been updated with sharper angles in a bolder acetate that highlights the haze patterns. Derek-Cardigan-Gold-Collection-Frames.2   Shop-Derek-Cardigan-Gold

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