Round Sunglasses

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Round sunglasses are great statement makers. They've long been associated with free-thinkers who weren't afraid to express their individuality, from Andy Warhol and Elton John to Steve Jobs and, of course, John Lennon, who almost single-handedly catapulted round frame sunglasses to worldwide superstardom. These days, they're worn by a new generation of nonconformists and fashion icons including Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, and Beyoncé.

People with square faces — meaning a broad forehead, strong jawline, angular features, and proportional length and width — benefit most from round sunglasses, especially those with thinner frames. Round frames can also work well for people with an oval face shape because they offer a pleasant contrast. To find a curated selection of sunglasses that fit your face, check out our Face Shape Guide.

Coastal's diverse, stylish selection of round rim sunglasses come in full frame, rimless and semi-rimless varieties, and we carry them from all your favorite brands. Add your prescription to any eligible frame, and pick from lens options like Transitions®, polarization, and mirroring