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Karl Lagerfeld Sunglasses

Unique Styles of Famed Chanel Head Designer

The distinctive line of Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses features the unique styles of famed Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld. Rarely seen without his own pair of super dark shades, Lagerfeld has brought his incredible eye for detail to bear on his own line of innovative and fashion-forward sunglasses. The line features a number of oversized sunglasses in a variety of shapes, materials and colors, all with the aim of bringing million dollar fashion to the masses.

Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses are perfectly in line with the cool sophistication that has come to embody the Chanel brand under Lagerfeld's stewardship. You will find every style delivered in this collection, from vintage and mod-inspired round lenses to the ever popular aviators. Oversized geometric frames use sharp corners and swooping lines to ramp up the drama in your look, while the classic oval lenses use bright colors and metal detailing to stand out. Wearers will find both full shading and gradient lenses that offer lighter shading at the bottom of the lens and more concentrated shading at the top. These glasses don't need any over the top logos or icons to declare their luxury pedigree. With subtle inscriptions and unobtrusive initials, Lagerfeld forgoes the typical branding of designer glasses and lets his designs do the talking. This subtle design work speaks volumes to the level of class and elegance present in each of the designs. Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses exude luxury and good taste with an understated and sumptuous style you won't find anywhere else.