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Giorgio Armani Sunglasses

Timeless Style & Understated Elegance & Glamour

Giorgio Armani's style has a subdued, sensual, European kind of simplicity that is embodied in every aspect of his brand. Since the 1970s, Giorgio Armani has been consistent in his message of easy elegance, creating a unique style that is recognizable even without the label. Perhaps best known for revolutionizing menswear with his unconventional, unstructured jacket in the Eighties, Giorgio Armani has continued to define the world of ready-to-wear couture. Armani was the original red-carpet dresser, styling celebrities for their big night even before the term “stylist” came into popular usage.

The Armani collection is essentially style without excessive design, allowing the precise silhouettes to shine through unencumbered by over-the-top detailing. Utilizing the same impeccable designs and classical shapes that Giorgio Armani fashion is hailed for, this sunglasses collection is the haute couture line of the sunglasses world. Giorgio Armani’s designs are dignified by style, craftsmanship, and sophisticated, innovative components that are evident in the eyewear collection. These sunglasses styles remain unshaken by sensationalism, paying tribute to the maestro of minimalism that is Giorgio Armani, and the sleek, unapologetically haute looks this luxury brand is known for. The Emporio Armani sunglasses collection echoes a similar essence that is every bit as elegant, sophisticated, and essential to your wardrobe, as you would expect with the Armani name.