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Celine Sunglasses - Timeless Elegance Made Fresh

As one of the first true luxury brands in the fashion industry, Celine maintains a position of almost sacred respect among fashionistas. It launched in 1945 on the rue de Malte in Paris and attracted an elite clientele that cared about hand craftsmanship, quality and a dedication to design. In fact, the label has always pushed the industry into more and more modern styles, with an emphasis on fashion-forward women who know what they want.

Icon Michael Kors took over the brand in 1997 and refined the modernistic look even more. When you buy a pair of Celine sunglasses, then, what you're getting is something everyone else will be wearing next year. That means avant-garde geometrics, wayfarers with striking patterns, cat eyes in blue gradients and oversized frames meant to turn heads in any room. Complete your perfect look with a pair of sunglasses from Celine.