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Bolon BL2523-49

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Bolon Sunglasses - Redefine Your Style

Bolon has been the number one name in high end Chinese fashion for the last decade, dictating trends and pioneering a new age in designer eyewear. They've done it by concentrating on superior craftsmanship and dedicating themselves to exquisite design. Bolon is now the third largest sunglasses company in the world and they're bringing their elegant and understated style to the West. If you're looking for a fresh style, Bolon may just be your new favorite brand of shades.

Coastal is proud to be an authorized retailer for Bolon sunglasses. Our selection covers a broad range of styles, from over-the-top, squared-off butterfly frames and retro-style aviators to classic cat eyes and space age oxfords. So, whether you're going after the Grace Kelly look for a black tie event or just want to look fabulous as you run around town, Coastal has a pair of Bolon shades with your name all over it.