Aviator Sunglasses

Tom Cruise rocked them as Maverick in Top Gun. Al Pacino wore them as Tony Montana in Scarface. Elvis Presley made the girls swoon with them. Aviator sunglasses have a rich history in pop culture, perhaps because they can make anyone look cool, whether it's with a suit and tie or a bathing suit and sandals.

Aviators were developed by Ray-Ban (then Bausch & Lomb) back in 1936 to give pilots a lighter, more streamlined alternative to goggles. When General Douglas MacArthur donned them during WWII campaigns, the style took off and since then they've come to represent effortless swagger.

Aviator Shades Online

At Coastal, we carry a broad range of Aviator sunglasses from top brands. You'll find them in durable, lightweight materials like metal, acetate, and plastic, and in an array of colors to match any look.

Aviator sunglasses are a great fit for people with square (similar length and width across the face) or heart-shaped (wider at temples, narrower at chin) faces because they balance broader foreheads and sharp lines. For help with determining your face shape and the styles that work for you, check out our Face Shape Guide.