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Alexander McQueen Sunglasses

Exquisitely Elaborate Ornamentation

Lee Alexander McQueen took the fashion world by storm in only a decade. Turning out specialty work with exquisitely elaborate ornamentation, and painstaking embroidery, McQueen quickly gained the attention, and respect of both his competitors and fashion critics worldwide. The McQueen sunglasses revel in his distinct vintage style with a contemporary, yet sensational edge that embodies his perspective. McQueen started his fashion career with theatrical costumiers Angels and Bermans, mastering the razor sharp tailoring that has become a McQueen signature.

McQueen honed his tailoring skills during his tenure in the 1990s at the Parisian couture house Givenchy. With the artisans of the Givenchy atelier at his disposal, he began to work more intricately and with greater complexity, expanding his skills until he was a true craftsman. McQueen quickly became one of the most respected fashion designers in the world. With several fashion accolades under his belt, McQueen set himself apart as part of the fashion elite. The sunglasses in the Alexander McQueen collection feature his signature skull ornamentation with sophisticated detailing throughout, in today’s hottest colors. Traditional aviator styles are featured heavily with a classic double bridge, updated by incorporating trendy matte finishes and glossy, luxurious acetates. If you love the Alexander McQueen signature style in sunglasses, you won’t want to miss Alexander McQueen glasses collection, which has the perfect blend of modern finishes and McQueen reinventions of classic silhouettes.