Digital Free Form Progressive Lenses

what are progressive lenses?

Our Digital Free Form Progressive lenses (also known as no-line bifocals) provide the ultimate visual clarity with greater prescription accuracy.

Our progressive lenses will provide everything that you need in a pair of glasses - you'll never have to switch back and forth between glasses or be seen with a line through your lens. Unlike bifocal lenses, progressive lenses have no line and are optimized for not only reading and distance, but also for a third intermediate distance, such as your computer screen.

Progressive Type

Exceptional Lens Design

Our Digital Free Form Progressive lenses are made of polycarbonate allowing for a thinner, lighter and more durable lens. You can choose to add anti-reflective, UV protective and scratch protective premium coatings with every lens too. The coatings are also designed to repel water, dirt and oil and are easier to clean than traditional lenses.

Segment Height (SEG)

We know your Segment Height (SEG). How? With our Digital Free Form Progressive lenses your SEG height is automatically calculated based on your prescription and frame selection. That means no need to enter this measurement when ordering your progressive lenses from us.

Extraordinary Value

Our Digital Free Form Progressives cost up to 70% less than standard progressives sold at traditional optical stores. With over one thousand designer frames to choose from you'll never have to sacrifice your personal style. We are an industry leader in providing the best digital technology while eliminating the middlemen that drives up cost on standard progressive lenses.

366 day returns

You have one full year, plus a day, to decide if you like your Digital Free Form Progressive lenses. Return your glasses for a full refund, or to exchange for another complete pair. We pay the return shipping of your lenses; just contact our Customer Care Team at 1-855-288-5552 for your complimentary return label.

Adapting to your new lenses

Because you are adapting to a new prescription and lens, the process to adjust can take anywhere from a few days to up to a month - even if you have previously worn progressive lenses.

Remember to keep your glasses on and don't go back and forth with your old prescription. While adapting, point your nose to the object you are look at rather than moving your head as you'll only see through the distorted portion of the lens.

We're here to help

Our Customer Care Team is available to assist you with any questions, including assistance with frame style selection, prescription input, ordering and returns. Don't hesitate to contact us! at 1-855-288-5552.

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