How To Enter Your Eyeglasses Prescription

Use this eyeglasses Rx example and term definitions table to help solve the once confusing puzzle known as your prescription! Keep in mind, not all prescriptions will have these fields filled out.

Eyeglasses Rx Example

How do I read my Single Vision eyeglasses prescription?

How do I read my Reading eyeglasses prescription?

How do I read my Progressive & Bifocal eyeglasses prescription?

Eyeglasses Rx Terms

Abbreviation Term Meaning Parameter Examples
OD Right Eye Right eye paramaters
OS Left Eye Left eye paramaters
SPH or PWR Sphere or Power Measure of near or far sightedness -12.00 to +6.00
CYL Cylinder Measure for astigmatism -3.75 to +3.75
X Axis Direction of cylindrical lens 0° to 180°
ADD Add Power Additional plus power for near sightedness 1 to 4, or HIGH, MED, LOW
PRISM/BASE Optical Prism Measure to compensate for eye alignment problems 0.5 base up (BU)
PD Pupillary Distance Measure of distance between pupils Adults: 58mm to 70mm, Children: 41mm to 58mm