Vogue Glasses

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Vogue Eyeglasses

Influential Fashion at its Finest

As one of the most prominent fashion magazines in existence, the Vogue name is synonymous with fashion. Continuing in a long established tradition of excellence, their line of eyewear continues to personify all that is great about the iconic fashion house. These glasses are designed for every woman who desires to be classic and chic, practical and bold. With this instantly recognizable brand, these fashionable eyewear pieces will be sure to impress.

Designed for the fashion-forward woman, this collection provides a wide variety of frames to celebrate every wearer's personal style including the alluring design of the VO2750H W44 retro cat eye in bold black and the more subtle elegance of the VO3823 352 oval cat eye in black with highlighted outer edges and tapered temples.

Made with lightweight materials, each set offers the latest in contemporary eyewear technology, making them extremely comfortable to wear. No matter which pair you choose, you'll be sure to be seen in any room on any occasion wearing a pair of these stunning glasses designed by a name synonymous with the word fashion itself — Vogue.