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Because you’ve got Nothing to Hide is proud to add the unparalleled quality, lightness and design of Silhouette glasses to its selection. The brand Silhouette was launched in 1964 as a family business with the vision of “eyewear as an accessory”. Their goal in design: “feel lite, show style”.

Silhouette’s glasses trademark rimless aesthetic allows faces to be seen with lightweight frames that don’t obscure appearances. Barely there eyewear compliments all types and shapes of faces, allowing true beauty to shine without restrictions.Silhouette glasses are ideally designed for clear, sunglasses, or Transitions® lenses.

Faces of Silhouette eyewear have included Patrick Dempsey and Cate Blanchett, who exemplify the enduring class and elegance of the brand. “The rimless glasses make you almost feel as if you don’t wear glasses at all,” explains Dempsey. “They sort of disappear somehow, but at the same time there’s a nice sense of style to them. They’re lightweight, and they’re comfortable, and they’re stylish.”