Round Glasses

Round Glasses

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Round glasses are a great way to make a fashion statement and express your individuality through your frames. Inspired by the classic styles and looks from fashion icons such as Elton John, Andy Warhol, and John Lennon; these retro-inspired styles are making a comeback!

Round glasses are ideal for those with square faces — meaning a broad forehead, strong jawline, and angular features — who will benefit most from the rounded shape, particularly the thinner frame designs. Round frames can also provide a pleasant contrast for those with an oval or heart face shape. To find a selection of frames curated specifically to suit your face shape, check out our Face Shape Guide.

Coastal’s selection of round frames come in a wide range of designs and sizes to suit every need, and from all your favorite brands. Add your prescription to any eligible frame, and pick from lens options like Blue Reflect, Transitions®, prescription sunglasses lenses, and many more for a unique pair of glasses that will be sure to stand out from the crowd.