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Italian Artisan Eyewear

Derived from the Italian “per il sole”, or “for the sun”, the Persol glasses collection was created by Giuseppe Ratti in 1917 as revolutionary new eyewear for aviators, but flew to even greater heights amongst the stars of Hollywood early in the 1960’s. Known for perfecting the ability to merge past with present and future, Persol eyewear celebrates true classics, re-energizing them into bold new styles – often with the collaborative help from top fashion designers around the globe.

The boundaries of heritage style silhouettes are poked, prodded, and pushed flawlessly with contemporary colourways and modern design tweaks. Each design falls into a thematic collection of designs ranging whose inspirations range from film noir to the evolution of the brand’s own iconic Supreme Arrow logo. Described by the brand itself, Persol glasses consist of “craftsmanship, culture, passion and dedication”.