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Penguin Glasses – the Original Classics

Coastal is proud to carry a fine selection of the retro-inspired Penguin frames. Drawing on a design heritage that reaches back to 1955, the brand's motto of relaxed confidence shines through in every pair of Penguin glasses. The diverse eyewear selections available include a variety of styles and hues such as the classic full- and half-frame wingtip with a definitive 50's vibe and the sleek, rectangular Clemens that offer a slightly more contemporary feel.

Casually sophisticated and finely crafted, each eyeglasses frame in this collection is constructed of only the finest materials like high-tensile gun metals and layered acetates in hues of honey blonde, rum-raisin ombre and more. No matter which Penguin frame you choose, you'll add a modern, dramatic vibe to every outfit.

You'll simply fall in love with the elegant designs of this eyewear collection that transport you to a different time when Sinatra played on the radio and style had a graceful, easy charm. Pick the perfect iconic design to finish off your look with a hint of old-world charm.