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Nina Ricci Eyeglasses

Classic with a Modern Twist

In the early 1900s, Nina Ricci and her son opened a high-fashion French boutique highlighting their two features that have gone on to embody the company ever since: a clean, striking look, and a personalized, luxurious approach to service. Over the decades, their styles have evolved and their commitment to reliable, dependable, and trendy apparel has strengthened to include an eyewear collection that combines their iconic look with a modern twist.

The selection of chic, inventive glasses available at Coastal offers a graceful silhouette that will frame your face with tasteful, fashion-forward designs. Choose your ideal pair from a wide variety of styles including cat eye, oversized, and rectangle shapes all with their own unique details that never sacrifice vision clarity. Superior construction and durability are at the heart of every pair so you can enjoy wearing them in all-day comfort.

Characterized by clean lines and bold details, this brand is made especially for the classy pioneer who always puts her best foot forward.