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Nike Eyeglasses Offering the Right Look to Match Your Style

Along with the iconic swoosh, Nike is known for its dedication to innovating new technologies and quality products to help athletes and weekend warriors meet their goals. Nike has poured that same energy into crafting the signature line of eyewear available from Coastal.

To meet the needs of an active lifestyle, choose Nike frames

Nike’s lightweight, versatile eyeglasses offer exceptional comfort and style. Whether you are an aspiring athlete or lead a busy, active lifestyle, Nike’s eyewear line offers a wide range of styles to suit your personality. The high-quality collection of Nike glasses at Coastal meets the latest in fashion-forward thinking and durable comfort. If you are seeking a trusted and fashionable pair of eyeglasses for everyday use, Nike's casual eyewear line is the perfect choice.

At Coastal, Nike glasses offer exceptional comfort and versatility. Every frame is made with a particular attention to detail utilizing Nike’s innovative approach to design.

Whether you need a durable pair to get you through active sessions or a versatile pair to wear every day, Nike’s stylish, sporty styles have you covered.

There's something for everyone here. Nike crafts fashionable frames out of metal and plastic, in D-frame, oval, and rectangle shapes -- plus a range of colors and patterns to fit any face. With a sturdy, sleek pair of glasses from Nike’s fashionable line, you can expect all-around comfort and flexible style.