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Naturally Rimless Eyeglasses

Truly Effortless Eyewear

Consistently delivering timeless styles, Naturally Rimless has designed their latest line of quality fashion frames to offer a truly effortless and natural feel. Built on the belief that functional doesn't have to mean boring, each set offers a professional aesthetic with artistic details that allow you to express your individuality. They deliver the perfect balance of subtle and simplistic finishes that never take away from your great features.

Choose your go-to style from a collection of designs that are crafted from only the finest materials. The NR158 with burgundy stainless steel arms frames medium to larger face shapes, while the NR337 with brown stainless steel arms is perfect for more delicate features and smaller faces. Regardless of which style you prefer, they always feel comfortable to wear, all day long.

All of the rimless frames in this durable and versatile collection can be worn to the workplace, the bar, a night out, and even the beach.