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Ltede Glasses

Modern Scandinavian Design

Ltede is an exclusive brand designed and distributed through and our family of websites. Ltede eyewear masters the unique combination of elaborate detailing based on modern architecture with Scandinavian design expressed through clean and simple lines. The amalgamation of avant-garde, ultra-modern style and dynamic design are evident throughout the eyewear collection.

Ltede takes the intricacies in architecture and re-interprets them through perfectly sculpted eyeglasses styles. The result is a vividly artistic eyewear collection that flawlessly embodies Scandinavian design qualities: purified profiles and notable niceties. Ltede eyewear is simultaneously conventional and cutting-edge, incorporating extreme geometric themes alongside more restrained, classic patterns. No matter what your personal aesthetic, the indisputable wearability of Ltede eyewear will enhance any collection, in no small part due to the detailed temple embellishments that is the hallmark of the brand. The complex contours and pop-art inspired temples of the Ltede 1041 Silver Black eyeglasses will capture the light of the fjords in the play between transparency and light. Bursts of polished metal in contrasting, yet inherently complementary hues, are layered in remarkable, tantalizing patterns that evoke the very nature of Scandinavian eyewear.