Lacoste Glasses

Fashion & classic sportswear

Instantly recognizable by its green crocodile logo, Lacoste glasses combine the best of French style with sporty elements for a look that is effortlessly chic, yet versatile. The company was founded by legendary Parisian tennis player Rene Lacoste, whose formidable on-court tenacity was only matched by his other passion: fashion and luxury goods. Lacoste eyeglasses are timeless and elegant, utilizing high quality materials and streamlined designs to create eyewear that is immediately striking and quintessentially European. The epitome of Lacoste style combines athletic appeal with traditional design. Casual neutrals are often paired with vibrant pops of colour for a playful aesthetic. A brand known for reinventing classic designs, Lacoste glasses feature traditional elements, such as horn rimmed acetate, while playing with bold shapes and colours.

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