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Kensie eyeglasses offer designers shapes, shades, and craftsmanship without the designer price tag. In terms of style, they cover a whole lot of ground -- from beautifully curved Cat Eyes and elegant ovals to retro-inspired D-frames and smart looking rectangles. There's one aesthetic that touches all the Kensie glasses styles we offer: positivity.

Kensie lends that positive vibe to every pair of glasses they create, incorporating playful patterns and whimsical colors into each design. This positive attitude lets you dress with pure emotion, turning any outfit pairing into an expression of your mood.

Coastal carries a broad variety of Kensie eyeglasses. Many of our styles let you choose colors; all of them let you choose lenses. Add a prescription and pick from our range of high-performance, scratch-resistant lenses. You'll find Transitions® that automatically adapt to indoor and outdoor light, BlueReflect® lenses that reduce eyestrain for screens, and anti-reflective coatings that reduce glare.

At Coastal, we want you to be 100% happy with your new Kensie frames. That's why we offer free Return Policy.