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Juicy Couture Glasses

Glamorous Contemporary Style

Juicy Couture eyewear has launched a line of women’s eyeglasses frames with appealing fashion designs. The collection – in one word, is ‘fabulous’! The eyeglasses are designed with a glamorous, contemporary style in mind and the plastic frames are made with high-end materials.

Juicy Couture eyewear is hip, fun and gorgeous. The collection includes wrap-around, rimless glasses and semi-rimless frames. And in true Juicy Couture fashion, the frames come in an assortment of fun upbeat colors that will heighten any look.

As part of our luxury frame collection, Juicy Couture is a designer brand loved by women everywhere. The brand is known for both its casual and formal looks and these glasses have a little of both. The best part is that you can wear Juicy Couture glasses anywhere – from a long day at work to a night out with your best girlfriends. This line is perfect for women looking for a fun and feminine style.