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Gant Eyeglasses

The Mark of Quality

Berl Gantmacher returned to America from the First World War and founded Gant. It didn’t take long for Gantmacher’s quality shirts to evolve into a brand for several fashion-based product lines including a modern line of eyewear that continues the brand’s original spirit. Products in the GANT eyewear collection have a noble simplicity and variety of frames.

Coastal is pleased to present a variety of stylistic options from the GANT eyeglasses collection, a line designed to set you apart from the crowd. Designed by a man who’s intention was to change the world of fashion, GANT glasses set new trends.

The small-but-stunning Gant eyeglasses collection is spectacularly stylish, functional and durable. Choose your perfect pair with confidence as each set is finely crafted using only the best materials. GANT eyewear offers the protection and dependability of the heritage it evolved from.