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Emporio Armani Glasses

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Free-spirited and modern high-end eyewear from Italy’s most successful designer.

From the fashion powerhouse, Giorgio Armani, known for his impeccable blend of high-end couture and elegant ready-to-wear comes the Emporio Armani glasses line. Launched in 1981, Emporio Armani was created to bring the world of fashion and style to a younger generation. Armani himself describes the line as the opportunity to come up with “amusing, modern, and free spirited looks”, without sacrificing the essence of his style.

The Emporio Armani glasses collection features strikingly modern silhouettes and a wide array of both vibrant and muted colour combinations. The iconic Eagle logo, which supports the feeling of power and strength imbued into the line, can be found adorned on each pair. Explore through more of the Armani brand through both the Armani Exchange and Giorgio Armani lines.