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Dsquared Eyeglasses

Retro Goes Bold

The Dsquared brand has evolved since its first showing took the world by storm back in 1995. With roots deeply planted in its Canadian roots, this collection of fashion-leading frames also pays homage to the designers’ Italian influence to create an elegance that never relinquishes its grasp on the provocative. Choose from a wide catalog of delightfully bold styles at Coastal so you can express your authentic self.

Inspired by timeless styles like the wingtip and the aviator, each pair exudes confidence with an air of sophistication that is both effortless and whimsical. The retro styles of this beautiful selection of frames are timeless, with classic styling that sets your heart racing. Each pair of frames has been designed for comfort and constructed from a flexible, durable acetate material to create a sleek look that meets function head-on for all-day wear. Choose the perfect pair to reflect your bold style.