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Colors in Optics Glasses - A Pioneer in the Eyewear Industry

At Coastal, we understand that while every fashionista appreciates great design, we all have a unique sense of style—which is why we are pleased to include Colors In Optics glasses to our collection of designer eyewear. As a pioneer in the optics industry since 1978, Sanford Hutton has been introducing us to a new way to look at eyeglasses. With an infusion of color in a variety of vibrant hues, he has transformed classic frames into works of art.

Continuously delivering a wide variety of styles to complement every face shape, they have become a brand leader for those wishing to perfect their vision while staying on top of modern trends.

Signature acetate frames, such as the rectangular President, are available in a myriad of shades including red wood and blonde so you can always find the perfect pair to flatter your skin tone. Whether your vision requires you to wear glasses at all times or you simply need them for a specific activity, Colors In Optics glasses are the perfect choice for comfort and style.