Chloe Glasses

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product image of Chloe CE2674-52 Bordeaux Red Temporarily out of stock
1 color
product image of Chloe CE2629A-53 Blue Marble Temporarily out of stock
2 colors
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1 color
product image of Chloe CE2633-52 Caramel Temporarily out of stock
$195 $170
1 color

Chloe Eyeglasses

Provocative Optical Designs

Consistently delivering provocative, optical designs, Chloe eyeglasses are artistically crafted for the modern fashionista. Coastal is pleased to present a variety of small and large frames in exclusively feminine styles from this collection, offering every wearer the opportunity to accent and enhance their inner and outer beauty.

With a variety of diverse and unique patterns, textures and tones, Chloe glasses have a chic and brassy style that is unrivaled by other eyewear products. Following in suit with its preceding collection , Ready to Wear, these fashion eyewear pieces have durability and high-end style at the core of their design so you look fantastic wherever life takes you.

Chloe glasses are unique, yet identifiable and distinctly branded. These trend-setting glasses are perfectly made to be functional, dependable and comfortable to wear daily, yet are vogue enough to boost your cool every day of the week. Treat yourself to the most stylish, quality and bold brand on the eyeglass market.