Cat-Eye Glasses

An array of dramatic cat eye glasses to suit your needs

Looking to make a bold fashion statement with your glasses? Then cat eye frames are for you! The dramatic cat eye shape is a retro styled frame that is making a comeback in contemporary fashion. The flared temples and gentle curves of the cat eye shape are a great match for low foreheads, tapered jaw lines, and longer, slimmer noses. The retro-inspired cat eye shape is the perfect option for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd and helps to add a feminine touch to heart shaped and triangular faces.

Ranging from understated and elegant to bold and dramatic, you are sure to find the perfect cat eye glasses to suit your personality and unique style. Cat eye frames are a great option for anyone looking for a pair of glasses that are distinctive and a little different from the other frame styles available. For a lightweight, classic look with a touch of the modern, check out our metal cat eye frame options. The metal cat eye frames on Coastal offer a comfortable frame option with a dramatic flair provided by the cat eye shaping. For a more dramatic style statement, many of our acetate cat eye glasses include unique color combinations, patterns and decorative elements for a bold fashion-forward look.