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Bottega Veneta Glasses - Refined Elegance

Today, those who demand perfection turn to the brand that embodies innovation and craftsmanship; Bottega Veneta. This collection of beautiful glasses frames epitomizes the refined luxury that's been the cornerstone of the brand since its inception a half-century ago. Coastal is thrilled to include a selection of beautifully inspiring Bottega Veneta glasses, whose bold yet graceful lines seamlessly intertwine with timeless sophistication in their comprehensive offerings.

Select the perfect pair of eyeglasses that exudes a superior fashion sense while reflecting your personal taste and personality. Choose from styles like the BV170 in Butterfly Grey for a whimsical yet always glamorous look, the BV180 in Olive Green for a striking 1950's executive feel or one of the many other fabulous looks that make up this diverse collection. Of course, the elegant designs of this collection aren't just about making a fashion statement as each pair of glasses feature finely crafted metals and acetates that deliver a durable and comfortable fit for all-day wear, day or night.