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Boss Orange Glasses - Embrace a New Generation

Boss and Hugo have been crafting original styles for almost a century now and they're known around the world for sophisticated, refined looks. But what if you want to let loose a little? What if you want a look that's polished and classy without being pretentious? Hugo Boss Orange is the way to go. Hugo Boss Orange is the laid back, bohemian side of the iconic brand. The Boss Orange glasses line, has a casual aesthetic that takes the classic Hugo Boss style and adds a dash of color, a host of playful design elements and world-inspired patterns. The result is something youthful, relevant and, of course, a whole lot of fun.

Coastal is proud to carry a range of eyeglasses from Hugo Boss Orange that are perfect for both work and play. You'll find classic shapes like retro wingtips and rectangles, but each with its own personality: whimsical curves, semi-transparent acetate frames, and eye-popping colors. Whatever Boss Orange glasses you choose, one thing's for sure — this isn't your grandmother's Hugo Boss.