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Armani Exchange eyeglasses

Armani Style for the Young trendsetter

Armani Exchange is the Armani brand redesigned for the young, urban trendsetter. Launched in 1991, as part of the S.P.A Italian high fashion house, Armani Exchange has become one of the leading designer brands in the world today. Armani Exchange is a translation of Armani's pure sense of design to an innovative, transposable mix of edgy eyeglasses styles for men and women.

A|X Armani Exchange doesn't just capture a new generation, it creates a following of its own through an exclusive eyeglasses style. Giorgio Armani calls Armani Exchange, “one of our most dynamic collections with its own unique identity and an ever-growing base of young customers who enjoy the idea of fast-fashion. Creatively crafted and elegantly designed, these A|X eyeglasses have already invaded the youth couture market and established itself effortlessly as a premiere eyeglasses label. Armani Exchange uniquely combines the signature sophistication of Armani’s higher-end lines with a youthful, dynamic and vibrant spirit that appeals to the younger customer base. The Armani Exchange eyeglasses collection is all about signifying freedom and personal style. You may also like the styles in the Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani collections. With Giorgio Armani at the helm of these enviable eyeglasses collections, you’ll be flaunting your style in Italian designer fashion in no time.