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Ad Lib eyeglasses

Sometimes Retro, Sometimes Modern - Always Bold

This Ad Lib glasses collection delivers maximum comfort in a cutting-edge design for the modern fashion devotee. Ad Lib designs are inspired by current trends in sport, fashion and technology, and crafted with quality, light-weight materials.

Manufactured by Perfect Optical, Ad Lib glasses come from a company with a long history of quality products. The brand celebrates your freedom to be unique, stylish and smart. With something for every face shape, Ad Lib glasses will enhance your chic, bold look and bring you long-lasting dependability.

Ad Lib is guaranteed to offer you the best quality and function in sleek, unique artistic designs. Durable materials and forward-thinking designs are central to this line. This brand will tell the world that you are fast, fun and fashionable. The name says everything you need to know—Ad Lib is a natural brand for any fashion-lover who also loves to seize the moment.