Our top picks for glasses lenses and coatings

Amplify your vision

Our team shares the transformative power of the right frame paired with the perfect lens to provide better vision for themselves and their loved ones.

Marisol's pick: Anti-reflective coating

Our complimentary Standard Air Lenses match with any of the frames we offer. Add an Anti-Reflective coating to see even more clearly.


Sold Out $95


Sold Out $80

Raji's pick: Digital protection lenses

Digital Protection lenses are available for single vision and progressive prescriptions, and can be added to any of our frames.


Sold Out $95


Sold Out $25


Sold Out $70

Jonathan's pick: Prescription sunglasses

Find 100% UV Protective prescription sunglasses in just your style, or create your own by adding tinted lenses to almost any frame.


Sold Out $105

Michelle's pick: Progressive lenses

Discover curated frames with the right lens height and width so you can add your progressive prescription.


Sold Out $95


Sold Out $120

Chris' pick: Kid-friendly polycarbonate lenses

Standard Air clear or Digital Protection lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, and pair perfectly with any of our kids' frames.


Sold Out $71

Black Frog

Sold Out $50

Crystal Brown

Sold Out $100

Our Mission is better vision for everyone.

Our goal is to make vision care accessible worldwide with our global partners. 2.5 billion people globally live with vision problems. This fact acts as the heartbeat of our company and influences all we do.

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