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Frequency 55 Toric

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Frequency Contact Lenses

Discover a Better Way to See the World

Since 1958, CooperVision has been at the forefront of new technologies, with the Frequency 55 contact lenses being no exception. Unlike traditional contacts, which focus light in a general area, Frequency 55 contacts bring light in and focus it on one point in the back of your eye. Made from advanced methafilcon A, a durable material that resists the buildup of proteins, these Frequency 55 lenses also combat cloudy vision and feature a superior thin-edge profile to provide better low light vision, increased range of focus, excellent all-day comfort, and enhanced resolution.
Coastal is proud to carry Frequency 55 contact lenses for correcting both nearsightedness and farsightedness. Each box contains 6 lenses and each lens lasts for up to one month, giving you half a year of clear vision, unparalleled comfort, and unsurpassed value.

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