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Boston Contact Lenses

Number One Brand for Rigid Gas Permeable Contacts

Boston Contact lenses are rated the number one brand for Rigid Gas Permeable contacts. These contacts are highly recommended by optometrists because of the oxygen permeable material and perfect fit. Each Boston contact lenses is custom made, using precise prescriptions and specific designs to craft a unique contact lens to fit the natural shape of your eyes. Gas Permeable (GP) contact lenses are the alternative to the modern soft contact lenses. Boston’s Gas Permeable lenses are particularly the most recommended by eye care practitioners. Gas permeable lenses are rigid lenses which are designed using a durable plastic that transmits oxygen very well. Gas Permeable contact lenses are rigid, but should definitely not be confused with old-fashioned hard shell contact lenses. Gas Permeable lenses, and specifically Boston GP lenses, last a great deal longer than typical soft contacts. Also, GP lenses transmit more oxygen than the majority of soft contact lenses on the market today. Check with your eye doctor to see if Boston GP’s are right for you!

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