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Alcon Contact Lenses

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ALCON® Contact Lenses

Start Each Day Clear

Alcon started as a small mom-and-pop ophthalmic store in Fort Worth, Texas, and has since grown into one of the biggest manufacturers of cutting-edge contact lens care companies in the world. Alcon debuted its innovative Dailies contacts in 1996, introducing a new way to see the world with fresh eyes every day. In order to expand their offerings and meet the needs of even more patients, Alcon added the CIBA Vision line of contacts to its ever growing portfolio.
Alcon products make it easy to avoid common contact lens problems like protein build-up, while eliminating the need for constant maintenance. Coastal stocks an extensive assortment of Alcon DAILIES contacts in a range of sizes and styles. You'll find toric contacts for correcting astigmatism as well as near- or farsightedness, Alcon DAILIES AquaComfort for people with dry eyes, and Alcon Dailies Total1, which give you exceptional comfort, high breathability, and all-day moisture.

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